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My Future Plans

Well I haven’t been on here in a long while. I thought I might as well post what I’m planning to do this Fall :)

Well this November, I’m turning 21! For a while now, I have been trying to decide what I was going to do to celebrate. I remember that I said Vegas was not going to happen. Everyone goes to Vegas for their 21st and I didn’t want to be like everyone. Vegas was so overrated. I talked to people about it and some awesome friends from Texas said I should celebrate there so that was the plan. I was heading to Texas.

Then I thought about it again and another friend convinced me to go to Vegas. She lives there so I was just thinking that if I go, it would only be to visit her and I just happened to have turned 21 when I visit.

Lastly, I talked to my mom about how I should celebrate and we ended up talking about my quinceanera. We discussed the fact that I hated my godparents from that celebration and if there was a way to undo that, I would. If only there was some way to pick other godparents that I really wanted but for what? There was nothing left to have godparents for. So, my mom said my 21st. We would make up a huge celebration and have godparents for it. I liked it and now we are planning a huge party for next summer. (We picked summer so family can come over)

So what was I going to do? Go to Texas? Vegas? just the party? Well let me just say, my parents are F**KING AMAZING! I get to do all three!!!!

THREE CELEBRATIONS FOR MY 21ST!!!!!!! Yes, I am crazy/spoiled/lucky/etc. lol

I am so looking forward to these experiences/adventures. I am so grateful for all my parents do for my brother and I. I do feel they over do it sometimes and I hope one day to return the many gifts.

I love my parents <3 :)

Taking over Texas!!!!

So I’m heading to Texas! and I’m going to make it memorable!!!

First off, I’m originally going because my niece that I haven’t seen since she was like five is have her quinceanera. We get to reconnect with family that we have not seen in forever.

Second, I wanna see some friend that I have over there. I meet them being an extra at the Shane Dawson music video shoot for Superluv. These people were just so awesome.

Third, I wanna see Selena Quintanilla’s grave, museum, and anything Selena related (even the hotel where she was shot). If you didn’t know, I’ve been a fan of Selena since I was three.

Lastly, I want to visit different cities while I’m there. I will be arriving in Waco, TX. I want to go to Austin (potential 21st bday celebration location), Dallas, Houston, and Corpus Cristi.

I am also going to try to vlog my whole experience there. I seriously can’t wait to go!!!

Just thought I should post something…

I haven’t been on in a while. As school and more activities are coming my way, I’ve been going away from social networking sites. I don’t even use my phone as much as I used to also. I would think I feel weird not texting, calling, posting, tweeting, etc. but I actually like it more this way. I don’t feel like I need to rely on these websites to cure my boredom now. Once you start going out more, you forget about these things. I just wanna say sorry for any of my friends that feel that I have rejected them. Love you guys!! trying to get more free time :)


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